How The Great British Brexit Rally will work

There will be a grand departure from Brussels for the start of the adventure – flagged away by a prominent Brexit campaigner. From there participants plot their own route to visit every country in the EU.

Each participating car will have their own Social Media page where they have to lodge photos and a blog about their progress. The cars will be fitted with a tracker that will record every kilometre. The location of their car/transport will be visible on a webpage throughout the event.

There will be a number of control points where the organisers will be present to confirm their progress. Participants must collect a ‘token’ at each one. Miles will be added to distances if anyone is caught speeding or breaking the law in any way.

Bonus points will be awarded for examples of the Spirit of the Event.

The end of the event will be on March 29, 2019, the last day we are in the EU, in Parliament Square where the finishers will be greeted by persons of importance in the Brexit negotiations.

In more detail

1. The GBBR is a navigation fun run. The idea is that you find your own shortest route entering every single EU country that you can drive to – Cyprus, and Malta require a flight to visit – bonus points if you visit them with your car

  • You will need to prove that you have entered each country, this will be by means of a photograph holding a national newspaper clearly showing the date and a place name. You will also be required to purchase a drink (beer) and staple the receipt along with a polaroid shot of the bar/restaurant – take care when choosing your bar to make sure the receipt clearly shows the address. This receipt and photo are then stuck/stapled into a book provided by the organisation on the relevant countries page. This book is your bible – without it completed you cannot qualify for any awards
  • Along with the book you will also need to post a similar picture onto the rallies social media site giving details of your position – this site will be great reference for all competitors and friends and family. Most amusing pictures will receive extra points.
  • Competitors make their own travel and accommodation arrangements apart from the event dinners where grand food and lodgings are part of the package.

2. Tracking each Competitor. Each car will be fitted with a tracking device and tamper proof seal. Signals from the devices will populate a overall map with snail trails all over EU as each competitor navigates their own route – this will be visible to all – competitors / friend / family / media to track the GBBR participants!

3. Start and Finish dinners. Truly lavish affairs –  Start in Brussels with typically European fare (waffles and all) in a grand hall followed in the morning by a start ramp wave off – with media coverage. The final Gala dinner held on Brexit night ( 29th March 2019) somewhere rather grand and British.

4. Prizes. The prize fund will be up to £80,000 depending on the number of entrants. Prizes will be allocated as follows: 1st £25,000, 2nd £15,000, 3rd £10,000, 4th £5,000, 5th £2,500, 6th £2,000, 7th £1,500, 8th £1,000 9th £500 and 10th £250. Special prizes of £250 to £1000 each for best photos, best blogs, best vehicles, longest route, most imaginative route.

5. Preparation. Prior to the event each vehicle will be checked over by a car specialist to check roadworthiness, fit the tracker and possibly a secondary mile counter. Advice can be given on any improvements that could be made – comfortable seats – map lights etc.

6. Documentation. The rally pack will be very comprehensive and high quality and will act as a memory of a great trip. It will include preparation manuals, swing tags, arm bands, decal sets and roundels, rally plaques, rally bag, pens, Rally scrap book, Polaroid camera etc.etc. In fact everything you might need to take part in this GBBR event.

The Great British Brexit Rally EU Map
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